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What is KIZUNAE?
I'm Jun Omura ─ Kizunae artist.
I have drawn 140,000 people as a professional caricature artist so far. With techniques developed through rich experiences, I image a "present face" of the deceased, and draw with the bereaved.
I imagine with the bereaved.
"If she were alive, would her dream come true?"
"If he were alive, would he have children?"
Kizunae can depict "future memories" that should have been there.
My thoughts
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My best friend passed away at the age of 27. "What can I do for his parents who are filled with grief?"  Having these thoughts, I have drawn my first Kizunae. His parents were touched and very pleased with it. At that time, I thought that this painting might help them to spend the rest of their lives happier.
I think that people will die twice.
The first is physical death, and the second time will come when people around forget about the person. I draw Kizunae for the bereaved, and also for the deceased and everything surrounding them not to be faded.
Kizunae is my lifework that my best friend brought me.
"Kizuna" in Kizunae means "bond".
In this age such as people tend to forget the importance of human relationships, Kizunae depict a "bond".
作品 / 活動
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Kizunae artist
Jun Omura
Born in Aichi, Japan in 1985. After graduating from high school, drew 10,000 people a year as a caricature artist. In 2017, started drawing Kizunae after losing best friend.
Now visiting everywhere to meet the bereaved in person, and to listen to their stories to draw their one and only Kizunae.
ISCA Caricature Convention 2011 in Osaka / Third place in color category
ISCA Caricature Convention 2012 in Taxas / Third place in color category
Nagoya TOYP 2019 / Chunichi Shimbun award
Exhibited in major's office of Nagoya
Many media appearance
framed and shipping included 
/ up to 2 people (pets)
More than 3 people (pets), ¥30,000 will be charged per additional person (pets).
A3 size (420×297㎜)
The price above excludes tax.
※Part of the proceeds will be used for charity portrait activities and donations to grief care activities.
The production time is about one month from the meeting.
I draw each works with all my heart, so limited to 5 groups per month.

However, if you have any special reasons or desired date, please do not hesitate to tell me.
I would like to meet your wishes as much as I can.


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