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About request
I would like to meet clients in person and take the time to have a meeting. Please tell me your precious memories and your detailed requests for Kizunae or anything else. I will visit you anywhere from Hokkaido to Okinawa or overseas. (the average time required for this meeting is about 2 hours)
※You will not be charged for transportation and accommodation for me to visit you. 
※I will take proper measures against COVID-19 when I visit you.
※Only those who will keep in touch with me over the phone and meet me in person can request. This is because I don't want anyone to be hurt by Kizunae.
※For overseas clients, travel and accommodation expenses are required separately.

Please prepare photos of those who to be depicted in Kizunae. Anything such as images and photos is fine. I will shoot them with my smartphone when the meeting.
※For babies or children, please also prepare photos of parents or siblings if possible. It helps me a lot to imagine their grown-up figure.
※It's ok if not everyone is in one photo together.
※It would be helpful if there were several photos per person showing the whole body and the front of the face.
■What I ask you at the meeting
・The personality of those who to be depicted in Kizunae, and characteristic habits of facial expressions or gestures.
・The height difference. (a group photo would be helpful to me, if you have)
・The age when the deceased passed away and the age if they were alive now.
※I usually draw at the current age, but if you prefer the age at that time, please tell me.
・Important stages of life which you wanted to share with the deceased if they were alive, dreams they had, places you wanted to visit with, and unforgettable memories.
・The deceased's or your favorite color, if any.
・Please tell me if you have any other requests. I would like to fulfill as much your wishes as possible.
I paint it with watercolors by hand, so I cannot retouch it after the delivery. Therefore, you can check the sketch drawn with a pencil up to 3 times.
※Some people entrust me with it and look forward to its completion. It's up to you.
No matter how far away, I'll come to deliver it directly. I would be grateful to hear your impressions of Kizunae. 
However, if you would like to send it by post due to concern about COVID-19 or other reasons, Kuronekoyamato transport will deliver it to you.
※I'll send it by post to overseas clients. (shipping fee will be charged separately) 

■Price & Size
up to 2 people ─ ¥150,000
4 people ─ ¥210,000 / 5 people ─ ¥240,000・・・
※Please read the price page for more details.
The basic size is A3.
※Changing the size to A4 or A2 is possible.
■Cancellation fee
There will be no cancellation fee.
An invoice will be enclosed with Kizunae, so please pay within one month after it arrives.
However, I would like Kizunae to reach the people who need it when they need it, so please feel free to contact me for installments and an extension of the payment deadline.
Thank you for taking the time to read to the end.
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